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Hawaiian Energy offers state-of-the-art, turnkey, renewable power solutions for commercial enterprises from small businesses to large corporations, government entities, REITs, and agricultural operations. Our financing options mean you can go green and control your energy costs now with absolutely no capital investment. With Hawaii’s abundant sources of clean, sustainable power and generous incentives for renewable energy vs. the state’s current soaring energy costs, it simply makes sense to go solar. And best yet, we do everything for you, from site analysis to initial design, installation, servicing and even filing for rebates. We make it seamless.

and REITs

Reduce or eliminate your monthly energy bills with clean, reliable power for your small business, large corporation or REIT. Our PPAs offer a complete turnkey solution with no capital investment. Learn more.


Harvest your own power on-site. Our parent company, Granite Bay Energy, has completed a state of the art 1-megawatt solar plant for the Elkhorn Dairy in Tulare, CA that is reaping big gains. Learn more.


Lock in long-term energy costs and gain immediate savings with power you can depend on. No initial capital investments. We provide systems for state and local government, as well as military facilities. Learn more.

Solar Electricity

Fix your short-term energy rates and reduce long-term operating costs with solar and renewable energy solutions that pay for themselves again and again. Discover how.

Solar Hot Water

Heat large (or small) volumes of water for a fraction of the cost you pay using gas or electric power. Learn more.

Comprehensive Energy Audits

Reduce your operating expenses by implementing a variety of cost-effective energy efficiency measures first. Then, save on the purchase of a smaller photovoltaic system. Find out how.

Take Advantage of Generous Incentives

Hawaii is at the forefront of the nationwide movement to generate power from renewable sources of energy and reduce our dependence on imported fossil fuels. The state of Hawaii and its major electricity providers offer substantial incentives to business owners who wish to invest in renewable energy technologies.

With the recent passage into law of an 8-year extension to the federal Investment Tax Credit and Hawaii’s incredible 35% state tax credit, there has never been a better time to invest in renewable energy. These and other incentives enable you to save up to 65% on the cost of a system and pay back your investment fast—usually in as little as two years! Find out how.

Success Story

Elkhorn Dairy

Using 7 acres on previously unusable land, this 1-megawatt solar system is estimated to produce 2,450,000 kWh of clean energy from the sun annually, which equals:

  • Elimination of approximately 76,670 tons of C02 emissions over 25 years
  • Not driving 191,652,500 miles
  • Planting 864 trees

Energy News

USDA Grants to Rural Businesses

Qualifying businesses may receive as much as 25% of the total cost of their new system. Don’t delay—deadlines apply. Learn more.

Flexible Financing

Power Purchase Agreement

Start saving on energy bills now with no money down. Cash-flow positive from day one. Our investment partner owns, installs and maintains the system at your site and sells the power to you at a fixed rate. Learn more.

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